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It is my vision and mission to assist in re-establishing personal and collective wellbeing as well as a renewed relationship with our inner self, community, and the Earth.


A beautiful environment inspires us
textures, colors, hues, flowers and trees,
the sound of water, the elements,
stimulating and nurturing the senses…vision, touch, sound, and smell.

A place of renewal
quiet retreat,
stills the mind
a sense of harmony
a few moments to pause and reflect,
a bit of serenity.

Reconnecting us to our true nature,
nurturing our spirit
reminding us to be…
presence, in full expression of our beauty– truth
will set you free…

~ M. J. Miller

Copyright ©2015. Poem reprinted courtesy of the author.


Organic Being

Life is experiencing who we really are, the simplicity of an organic way of being. In each moment, are we actively working to be more aware cultivating our self-knowledge? Are we using this awareness to consciously create experiences that use our gifts and talents to feel more peace, vitality, wholeness, and fulfillment?

Nature Havens