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It is my vision and mission to assist in re-establishing personal and collective wellbeing as well as a renewed relationship with our inner self, community, and the Earth.

Nurturing our Body Wisdom

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Nurturing our Body Wisdom

In an age when everyone has a computer in their pocket, there is a(n) interesting trend emerging

More and more people are turning to alternative medicines, all natural health products, and ‘organic’ food. This important shift in thinking acknowledges that there is wisdom in the way nature does things….that the best health comes from working with the body rather than trying to change it.”


Seasonal Cleansing

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Seasonal Cleansing: Preparing Our Bodies for Transition

“As each season shifts into the next, we can support our bodies by gently cleansing our energetic pathways. Periodic and seasonal cleansing is an opportunity to reset our well-being meters, give our bodies a well-deserved rest, and rejuvenate our detoxification organs.”