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Nature Calms the Mind


Nature Calms the Mind

Research shows that spending time with nature has extensive mental health benefits.

“The sounds, smells, and sights of the great outdoors appear to have an amazing stress-reducing capacity. Research backs up this folk wisdom, showing that spending time with nature can decrease feelings of depression, increase self-esteem, decrease tense feelings, help us to be more caring, less aggressive and violent, be less likely to procrastinate, and better able to work through problems.”


Seasonal Cleansing

green cleanse

Seasonal Cleansing: Preparing Our Bodies for Transition

“As each season shifts into the next, we can support our bodies by gently cleansing our energetic pathways. Periodic and seasonal cleansing is an opportunity to reset our well-being meters, give our bodies a well-deserved rest, and rejuvenate our detoxification organs.”